October 27, Eindhoven

DRIVE 10 years

Were you there at the Effenaar on Friday, Oct. 27? These are all the pictures!
Shot by Kas van Vliet

CreativeNL Live

DRIVE (the knowledge and innovation festival of CLICKNL and 4TU.Design United) is 10 years old! That's why we are joining forces with CreativeNL for CreativeNL Live on Friday, October 27. During this day we will celebrate 10 years of knowledge and innovation in the sector. Including a substantive program, walking dinner and big party!

Evening program

19.45 - 23.00
‣ 19:45 // toast with champagne / we celebrate 10 years of DRIVE Festival
‣ 20:00 // Keynote presentation by Borre Akkersdijk (BYBORRE)
‣ 20:30 // Pop act Chagall with 'Unlocked'
‣ 21:00 // DJ Tienson
‣ 22:00 - 23:00 // DJ Tommy Hendriks

The evening offers a relaxed vibe to make new contacts, and talk about all the highlights of the Dutch Design Week. And of course, let's toast together to DRIVE's 10th anniversary.

Sign up and receive your first three drinks from us (while supplies last).

Afternoon Program

15.00 - 19.45
‣ 15:00 // Welcome - Monique van Dusseldorp (moderator) & Jann de Waal, Chair Topteam CI
‣ 15:20 // From Crisp to DRIVE and beyond - professor Paul Hekkert
‣ 15:40 // The Dutch approach goes global - Geke van Dijk, STBY & Deborah Nas, TU Delft & Juanita Devis, AMS Institute
‣ 16:15 // The next 10 years - Barbera Wolfensberger, OCW
‣ 16:30 // Break
‣ 16:45 // Networking & Matchmaking
‣ 18:00 // Walking dinner
‣ 19:45 // Start evening program

The afternoon program is full. It is no longer possible to register for it.

Sign up now for our party night (starting at 8 p.m.)! Click here.

In addition to 'DRIVE x CreativeNL presents: CreativeNL Live', we also program a really cool program the four days before that (Monday through Thursday)! You can read more about it here.