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KIC: Participate in the labour market

During the past twenty years, many initiatives have been implemented to help enable people with a disability work at conventional employers. Nevertheless, we are not there yet. To encourage and facilitate labour participation, further research is needed. People with a disability must gain and keep access to employment that matches their capabilities and ambitions.

This call focuses on research into innovative possibilities/solutions that could enable people with a disability to sustainably and meaningfully participate in the labour market. The research will take place in consortia. The projects will contribute to new insights and to social and technological innovations. They will also contribute to a structural improvement of the equality of opportunity and an inclusive labour market, in addition to having a demonstrable impact on the labour market position of people with a disability. In this call, projects with added value for current research and existing knowledge will receive funding. The projects funded in this call will contribute to enabling people with a disability to start and/or remain in work that suits them. In addition, new knowledge will become available about removing barriers in society and/or the use of innovations that can contribute to this.

- The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is november 15, 2022.
- The deadline for submitting full proposals is april 18, 2023.

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