• Virtual Reality
  • Programme info

    • Title: Creative Industries Immersive Impact Coalition
    • What: increase the capacity to realize immersive experiences and enable the industry and its creators to capitalize on opportunities
    • Input: The programme is developed under the leadership of CLICKNL
    • Duration: 2024 - 2028
    • Key words: immersive experiences, virtual reality, augmented reality
    • Project partners: Ministries of OCW and EZK, 120 makers, applicators, knowledge institutions and network partners

Immersive Experiences (IX) are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Think about virtual reality, 360-degree image/video, augmented reality, chatbots, interactive animation and games. Worldwide, IX is seen as one of the drivers of the third major digital transition, which will have a major impact on our daily lives, work, learning and recreation.

The CIIIC program therefore looks at its applications in culture, gaming, media and entertainment, events, manufacturing, public spaces and government services, among others.

Augmented Reality

CIIIC programme

CIIIC stands for Creative Industries Immersive Impact Coalition. With this program, we want to enable the creative industries and content creators to capitalize on opportunities around immersive experiences. We do that by increasing capacity, in terms of human capital, education, facilities and labs and knowledge, methods and validation.

Status: on June 30, 2023, the Cabinet adopted the advice of the National Growth Fund (NGF) Advisory Committee to honor the CIIIC proposal subject to conditions. This proposal was submitted in the departmental route by the Ministry of OCW. The initiative was taken by the Ministries of OCW and EZK, the Creative Industry Top Team and TKI CLICKNL. Under the leadership of CLICKNL, the program was developed in close cooperation with representatives of the sector and application domains. Read here the summary of the proposal. The program will start in September 2024. The image below shows the overall schedule for the coming period. Would you like to be kept informed of updates regarding CIIIC? Then sign up for the newsletter.

CIIIC 2023-2024 tijdspad*

Concerning content

Various development and research activities take place within the CIIIC program. These include the development of training modules for students and professionals that address the application of immersive experiences and their further development. And research into the influence of immersive experiences on users. Workflows, methodologies and tools are constantly being tested and refined so that we can all produce high-quality immersive content. In experimental environments, artists, researchers, makers and users work together on new immersive developments and tools, and the validation of knowledge gained. Finally, we are building the national and international community: because development is faster in connection and immersive content goes beyond the border of the Netherlands.


The emergence of immersive technologies brings challenges. For example, there are currently insufficient experienced workers (human capital) working in the industry. Also, public values within immersive applications are not yet sufficiently safeguarded. In addition, there is a need for applicable and quantified knowledge on how immersive experiences can influence users and there is a need for more shared facilities.

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