Creative Industries Immersive Impact Coalition

Our society is digitising at a rapid pace. An important effect of this is that processes, objects and environments are becoming more and more virtualised. This allows reality to be simulated, modified or even replaced by a virtual reality. Immersive technologies, like Extended Reality, completely immerse users, creating a lifelike experience. Applications are extremely relevant and valuable for both social and business complex challenges.

Think of training in healthcare, support systems for safety and insight into maintenance of machinery. But also to contribute to social resilience and inclusion by developing innovative content in the field of culture, media and entertainment. However, this requires new and innovative immersive content. The creative industry plays a big part in this. By developing immersive content specifically together with users from various sectors, applicability is increased. No content, no business!

CLICKNL is leading a programme to promote the development of this content.

Lifelike experiences

Extended Reality (XR) contains a range of immersive technologies and content that appeal to multiple senses and thereby 'submerge' the user in an experience. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and combinations thereof place realistic 3D images in hybrid virtual and real environments, often combined with sensors and haptics. As a user of this technique you imagine yourself in a new environment or in an enriched reality.

Both Virutal Reality and Augmented Reality have now reached the productivity plateau in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. This means that the technology is ready for large-scale applications and will therefore make a significant contribution to economic growth. Not only in entertainment such as the AR sets during the Eurovision Song Contest, but also in education, manufacturing industry, healthcare, logistics, safety and the physical domain. To make this technology, which is also developing at lightning speed, work in these domains, rock-solid content is needed. And the creative industry is indispensable for this.

Integrated Approach to Immersive Content

To make the most of the above opportunities, a programmatic approach is needed to accelerate and strengthen the development of Immersive Content for new areas of application. CLICKNL is therefore taking the first steps towards a programme to allow the sector to grow internationally with an integrated approach. Activities are developed application-oriented with a focus on social impact. The possibilities for a programme are explored by means of a design-based research approach. The collaboration that results from this strengthens the knowledge base and increases the earning capacity of both the creative companies and those from the application domains.


Integrale aanpak voor Immersive Content

Om bovenstaande kansen optimaal te benutten is een programmatische aanpak nodig om de ontwikkeling van Immersive Content voor nieuwe toepassingsgebieden te versnellen en te versterken. CLICKNL zet daarom de eerste stappen richting een programma om de sector met een integrale aanpak internationaal te laten groeien. Activiteiten worden toepassingsgericht ontwikkeld met focus op maatschappelijke impact. Middels een ontwerpende onderzoeksaanpak worden de mogelijkheden voor een programma onderzocht. Door de samenwerking die hieruit ontstaat wordt de kennisbasis versterkt en het verdienvermogen van zowel de creatieve bedrijven als die uit de toepassingsdomeinen vergroot.