VRDML Fieldlab

Call | VR Design Methods

TU Delft will host a Virtual Reality Design Methods Lab (VRDML) addressing the use of virtual reality in the process of designing, modifying, and re-using new and existing buildings, public spaces, city districts and landscapes: Virtual Reality (VR) as a design, planning and/or research

What is in it for you?
VRDML offers the necessary space, equipment and staff support for selected small and medium enterprises (SME's) in architectural services industry to get acquainted with VR as a new technology. It enables SME's to co-develop together with TU Delft staff new applications that will increase their competitiveness.

Opportunity to get to know VR
This call invites design-led firms in the architectural services industry to submit a two-pager. Describe in two pages A4 the nature of a VR-experiment and the application of VR in architecture, architectural engineering, urban design, landscape architecture, spatial planning, and geo-information. Make the case how your experiment/experience/concept will strengthen the services that are provided by your firm. Approach VR as an integral part of the development process, and not just as a presentation tool.

Equipment and housing
TU Delft hosts the virtual reality lab in Building 8, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (Bouwkunde).

Two calls
Projects in this call A can request for support up to a maximum of €10K. TU Delft provides the use of space, facilities and materials. The working hours of TU Delft staff is financed through the VRDML call itself. You will match the working hours in cash or in-kind. Depending on the nature of your project (fundamental/ industrial /experimental) your matching will be 25%, 50% or 75%. The A-call aims at small proposals with a contribution of €5K. The B-call aims at more robust proposals with a contribution of €10K, possibly follow-up project from the A-call.

The deadline of the call is April 1st 2018. You can find more information about the call here.