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Sense of Home

What makes you feel at home? The people? Your own furniture? Freedom to eat what and when you want to? Sense of home is a complex concept that is interpreted differently by everyone. Nursing homes struggle daily with the interpretation of this concept. How do you ensure that older people, who are in need of care or who live in nursing homes, still feel at home?

In the Sense of Home field lab, ultra-personalized products and services are being developed in order to increase the home feeling in the nursing home. SMEs and entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to submit project proposals and receive a subsidy, within the field lab, to do research knowledge and/or develop new products or services. The essence within the field lab is that the products and services are ultra-personalized: precisely tailored to one individual.

Three themes are distinguished within the field lab:

  1. Technology
    Like all sectors, nursing care benefits from the latest innovations in technology. Consider, for example, 3D printing, customizable lighting solutions or personal eHealth services.
  2. Co-creation
    This theme focuses on the process: how can we ensure that products and services are indeed ultra-personalized? How do we involve the end user in the process? Think of participatory design methods, needs surveys, but also unexpected collaborations between SMEs.
  3. Independence
    Within this theme we mainly look to ensure that elderly people, in need of care, are still self reliable as much as possible. Think, for example, of door handles that are easy to use from a wheelchair, adapted furniture, but also eHealth solutions.

The Field lab Sense of Home project will run for two years from 1 October 2018. During these two years, SMEs and entrepreneurs can initiate projects and work together on new knowledge and products. Network and knowledge meetings are also regularly organized. Stay informed or submit a project proposal yourself? Send an email to!

The Sense of Home field lab partners are Fontys and SintLucas.

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