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Fieldlab Sense of Home

What makes you feel at home somewhere? Feeling at home, or sense of home, is a complex concept. Nursing homes struggle every day with its implementation. Because how do you ensure that elderly people who live in nursing homes still feel at home? We are proud to have completed the Sens of Home Fieldlab, in which ultra-personalized products and services are developed to increase the feeling of home in nursing homes. The Fieldlab was made possible by the CLICKNL PPS scheme, which among other things supports Fieldlabs for short-term industrial research.

The Projects

Keep me
What tools can we give the baby boom generation to prepare for their old age, so that they retain control, become more self-reliant, but above all are reassured about their future? And how can an online platform offer support with these handles?

Download the full research report here.

The research was conducted by Studio Laura Koenen, TU/e, Bureau Difficult Things and Fontys Hogescholen.

IlliTV; Research into the use of (personal) images and sounds for people with dementia

The IlliTV project sought answers to the following questions in its research:

  1. How do we register background information and interest for and with people with dementia in order to be able to retrieve images and sound? And could we also generate this automatically based on the information?
  2. What type of images and sound work best for different people, and can we draw lessons that generally apply to this target group?
  3. What are the medium-long-term effects of personalized images and sound on people with dementia in terms of use and experience?

The research was conducted by Illi Engineering and Fontys Hogescholen.

Curious about the answers?
Download the full research report and watch the video here.


Retrieving the question
What do a care recipient who receives nursing home care and an employee who provides care need to be able to maintain or realise a feeling of home? With feeling at home, do we mean all the above factors?

Download the full research report here.

This research was conducted by Kodiezijn and Fontys Hogescholen.

Smart Mirror
In what way can the Smart Mirror contribute to promoting self-management, self-reliance and self-esteem of people with acquired brain injuries in a nursing home?

Download the full research report here.

This research was conducted by Smith Advies & Consultancy, Interactive Matters and Fontys Hogescholen.

Smart Mirror

Sounds like home
The Sounds like home project sought answers to the following questions in its research:
1) How can personal and familiar soundscapes be designed for people with dementia?
2) How can responses to 3D audio evoke feelings of comfort, security or tranquility?
3) How can we make 3D audio accessible to people living in healthcare environments?

Download the full research report here.

The research was conducted by TU/e, Qwiek and Fontys Hogescholen.

Networking meetings

We can proudly look back on 5 well-attended network meetings. Four of which were organised by Sense of Home and one together with Learning Network Dementia Brabant. During the meeting with Learning Network Dementia Brabant, we bundled our goals in order to get in touch with involved companies and institutions.

The most special network meeting was the Hackathon in September 2019. In this meeting, we linked the power of Sense of Home, Sint Lucas College and Fontys Hogescholen. We got in touch with companies to start Sense of Home projects together. This by using the creativity of the students of Sint Lucas and Fontys Hogescholen. Together with residents of the Vitalis Care Centre, the students have developed project ideas for a better feeling of home. A panel of SMEs supervised the students and assessed the final results. At the end of the day, the students presented the results to the SME. After which various SME companies and students entered into discussions with each other to further develop the idea.

The last meeting, on 10 June, 2021, was the meeting where the five studies presented their results. Five very different studies, all aimed at a better feeling of home! And all with great results.

General information

The Sense of Home Fieldlab has been completed, but Fontys Paramedical University of Applied Sciences, Fontys Center of Expertise HTSM, SintLucas and CLICKNL are always engaged in (practice-oriented) research.

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