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In the SAX programme, industrial research is done into innovative concepts that contribute to improvement of the experience and engagement of visitors and remote fans at large-scale events, new spectacular event formats that lend themselves for it, and how the user and location/event-generated data can be utilised to make new services possible.

Knowledge institutes, event organisers, location owners, technology companies and companies from the creative industry (especially digital agencies and media companies) do research with the four programme partners, develop innovative concepts with partners and conduct experiments and pilots in the field lab Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Goal of the project
The goal of this project proposal is to do research into possible innovations and concepts within the four themes of the SAX innovation programme, with the Johan Cruijff ArenA functioning as field lab. The four themes are:

  1. Better visitor experience before, during and after the event and at a distance
  2. Compelling media experience and media innovations
  3. New event formats
  4. Data-driven service development

The themes are not independent of each other. That’s why the programme brings partners together that need each other and together are able to initiate new services. The programme provides a multitude of small and large projects, varying from testing new equipment to concept development in, for example, virtual reality. Partners will work on the SAX projects in different compositions.

SAX is an open innovation programme of the Johan Cruijff ArenA, Media Perspectives, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and TNO.

For this fieldlab, PPS surcharge is being used.

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