Field lab | National Research on Creative Earning Capacity


NOCV stands for National Research on Creative Earning Capacity: a fieldlab in which the impact of entrepreneurship training on the earning capacity of creatives is investigated. The relationship between entrepreneurship training and earning capacity is central. The results of this research serve to develop effective methodologies to increase entrepreneurship and thus the financial autonomy of creatives.

Why this field lab?
Fieldlab NOCV was established to improve the labour market of the cultural and creative sector and to contribute to the earning capacity of people in the creative sector. Creative Impact Research Institute (CIRI), Impact Center Erasmus and Braenstorm have joined forces for this research.

What does that look like in practice?
In this Fieldlab, various entrepreneurship training courses are given to creative professionals (to be).
Subsequently, impact measurements are carried out to gain insight into what does and does not work in increasing earning capacity. In addition, these impact measurements are supplemented with qualitative research.

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