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Personalised knitted clothing has been hand made with a single yarn by loving hands for millennia. The arrival of the knitting machine in the 16th century accelerated the knitting process, but changed the production principle into a cut and sew process. The digital transformation of the fashion industry has empowered new opportunities, but what will the physically look like? In this Fieldlab we will use a Shima Seiki Whole Garment Knit machine to create products that come out of the machine as a full 3D product.

This innovative technology not only makes clothing production that learns from handcraft-intensive skills, but also opens the doors for new applications such as customisation, made to measure and on-demand production; which will make the making process more sustainable, distributed and localized. This technological evolution requires the development of new design, systems and programming knowledge.

The 3D Knitwear Fieldlab looks to address the broader design space through four projects that’ll focus on areas such as circularity, healthcare, athletics and aesthetics. We will look at the data and ICT systems needed to analyse the person who will wear the sweater. We aim to create a series of examples that highlight the the possibilities, needs, challenge and opportunities of this innovative technology for product development in the creative industries for on the body applications.

For this fieldlab PPS surcharge is being used.

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