SO:AP - Studio Flessenpost

Within the SO:AP (Speaking Online: Acting Professionals) programme, we offer entrepreneurs with a knowledge or collaboration question the opportunity to stand on the figurative soapbox. We invite relevant researchers or professionals as an audience for every pitch. In addition, of course all interested parties are invited to join online. This edition: Studio Flessenpost!

Please note: This session will be in Dutch.

The question
The question they will ask SO:AP is as follows:

How can you, as a designer, develop a sustainable and accessible online knowledge-sharing tool / database for other designers?

About Studio Flessenpost
In our current society, the provision of information is often mainly aimed at the average citizen. As a result of which, large groups of people in our society are not or poorly reached. This has major consequences for health and well-being. Studio Flessenpost therefore thinks it is high time for a new view on communication.

Studio Flessenpost

As graphic designers, they specialise in developing visual, accessible means of communication to be used in a social context, making information accessible and understandable for everyone.

Based on the knowledge already acquired, combined with the knowledge of other communication professionals, they now want to conduct research in order to create a solid knowledge base about accessible design. The results of this research will be transparent and manageable for other designers, communication professionals and organisations and will contribute to better mutual cooperation.


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