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Bubble Games 2022

As if I already knew you… is a VR film about an experiment to investigate how hardening in society can be countered with the help of design power and VR technology. In order to prevent polarization.

The film was conceived and executed by the Bubble Games consortium. It is a case study linked to research with the aim of gaining insights into how to make use of design power and VR technology to counteract hardening attitudes and prevent polarization in society.

The VR Film follows the residents and youngsters in the Mall of the Meerhoven district. There are tensions between the two groups and by stepping in each other’s world by VR, more understanding is created. It all leads to a surprising outcome.

The film is just the beginning, Bubble Games will keep going! In the next phase students and researchers of Fontys schools of HRM & Psychology, ICT and Pedagogical Studies will use the of the experiment to design a scalable 'pocket size' version of the tool that can be used in the professional practice of community police officers and neighborhood and youth workers.

The project was initiated by Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique) and Liesbeth Bonekamp (LB MGMT) and has been executed by a consortium consisting of Eindhoven Municipality, Fabrique, LB MGMT, Delft University of Technology Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, VR Gorilla’s, the Effenaar and Fonkeling. Bubble Games is a spin-off of the Fieldlab Social Cohesion of Effenaar Smart Venue and was sponsored by CLICKNL and ASML.

The VR film will be screened in 2 shifts. After registration you will receive your timeslot in the week before the Dutch Design Week.

Registration is required, only a limited number of places is available. Sign up by sending an email to: bubblegames2022@gmail.com.

After the screening of the VR film there will be a conversation with experts (see below) and the audience about this experiment, its value for the domain of ‘safety & polarization’ and about the (im)possibility to ‘design for empathy’. The conversation will be moderated by Jeroen van Erp.



19:15 hour Doors open
19.30 hour Introduction by Jeroen van Erp
19.45 hour Screening VR film ‘As if I already knew you…’ (shift 1)
20.10 hour Short recap of introduction by Jeroen van Erp
20.20 hour Screening VR film ‘As if I already knew you…’ (shift 2)

20.50 hour Presentation of research outcomes by Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, TU Delft
21.15 hour Plenary conversation with public and panel (experts & thought leaders)
22.00 hour Drinks in the bar of the Effenaar

While waiting during the shifts you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the foyer and above all a good conversation.