Master class


Biodesign Masterclass offers a two-day program to delve into the fascinating world of living organisms and get acquainted with the fundamental biodesign theories, tools, and methods to understand and design with living organisms for cleaner production and unique experiences in everyday products.

Technological and economic opportunities, alongside its ecological benefits, suggest “Biodesign” as a new industrial paradigm for the production of material artefacts in the 21st century. This emerging design practice suggests the integration of living organisms, such as bacteria, (micro)algae, fungi, and plants, into design, as material sources (e.g., animal-free leather and fur-like materials; oil-free plastics and foam alternatives), energy and food generators, light sources, water and air purifiers, heat regulators, etc. However, despite the optimism and determination shared by designers, scientists and industries, thus far, the incorporation of biology in product design remains in the realm of the speculative or produce one-of-a-kind examples. The design potentials of living organisms for novice biodesigners are often challenging to unveil as this requires understanding the fundamentals of living biological systems and bioprocesses.

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This series of master classes are offered by Faculty of Industrial Design at TU Delft.