Rewatch: DRIVE 2021

Watch the DRIVE 2021 sessions here again! Live speakers and viewers came together to exchange inspiration, ideas, research and projects. Did you miss the sessions or do you want to rewatch them? Check them out again below!


Watch the session from Monday 18 October.

02:40 Bob Corporaal (CleverFranke)
18:19 Rob Adams (Embassy of Mobility)
31:49 Arie Paul van den Beukel (Twente University)
44:52 Dorota Gazy (STBY)

Circular & Biobased Building

Watch the session from Tuesday 19 October.

03:52 Tony Schoen (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)
18:58 Pascal Leboucq (Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building)
34:10 Torsten Schröder (TU Eindhoven)
46:44 André Schaminée (TwynstraGudde)
01:02:05 VIP guestspeaker: Vera Winthagen

### Health

Watch the session from Wednesday 20 October.

02:07 Maarten Houben (TU Eindhoven)
15:51 Jetske van Oosten (Embassy of Health)
33:21 Ingeborg Griffioen & Jasper Brands (Panton)
45:22 Dirk Snelders (TU Delft)

### Safety

02:55 Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique)
19:28 Tabo Goudswaard (Embassy of Safety)
34:42 Geke van Dijk (STBY)
48:28 Ben Kokkeler (Avans)

Food & Water

02:38 Sanne Kistemaker (Muzus)
19:02 Anouk van der Poll (Embassy of Water)
34:36 Chloé Rutzerveld (Embassy of Food)
47:31 Monique Simons (WUR)

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