Media & Entertainment

Our society is changing and this process is being accelerated on all fronts by digitalisation, with huge economic and societal impact. It creates challenges for existing companies as well as opportunities. For companies and organisations in the digital creative industries sector, digitalisation is in their DNA and they embrace this digital transition as their profession.

In the Netherlands we are a forerunner and developments are occurring faster than in neighbouring countries. The devices for digital services come from China, South Korea and Japan. The international platforms come from Silicon Valley. Testing and development of digital concepts and services for global rollout happen here, in the Netherlands.
Thanks to our digital infrastructure, open culture and fast adoption of new solutions, we have become the ideal test country where different issues can be tackled.

The creative industries are perfectly placed to help generate answers to these issues. Like how can you, as a producer of content, use new (technological) possibilities such as augmented and virtual reality? And how to deal with interaction and co-creation? How do we handle making all that media available everywhere and always? What do we do with the data and how can we make smarter use of it, how do we put people, their privacy and their needs central in all forms of media, and what business models are effective when it comes to intellectual property in a global digital world?