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Design Innovation Sessions | DDW 2024

21 - 25 October | Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

Drumroll please.. After ten years of Design Research & Innovation Festival (or DRIVE), in collaboration with 4TU.Design United, CLICKNL will organize the Design Innovation Sessions during Dutch Design Week at Natlab, Eindhoven, starting in 2024! From Monday 21 to Friday 25 October, expect an inspiring program every morning (11.00 - 13.00 including networking lunch), on the cutting edge of knowledge and innovation in the creative industry.

The Design Innovation Sessions take place within the Mission Days of Dutch Design Week. CLICKNL is a proud partner of these Mission Days, or the curated, substantive program around the DDW themes. Both on a strategic level and as organizer of its 'own' events called 'Design Innovation Sessions' and CreativeNL Live.

The main language of this event is English.

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Theme days

  • Monday 21 Oct.

    Living Environment

    How do you design an urban living environment in which there is space for living, working and mobility, without losing humanity? Including a keynote by Erik Roscam Abbing and a talk by Fenne Roefs (Mijksenaar) on a project in collaboration with HKU.

  • Tuesday 22 Oct.

    Thriving Planet

    How do you design in a way that does not further deplete the earth? How do you deal with a world where the market and fashion set the pace and consumers tend to buy something new all the time? About circular design and more!

  • Wednesday 23 Oct.

    Digital Future

    In the future, learning, informing and experiencing take place in new ways. We are designing for new forms of content, immersing ourselves in immersive worlds. What's currently in play, and what's coming?

  • Thursday 24 Oct.

    Health & Well-being

    We all want to be and stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Yet it is not a given that that will happen; with a higher average age and a performance society, we face design challenges.

  • Friday 25 Oct.

    Equal Society

    Too often it is assumed that what is designed is accessible to everyone in the same way. This results in large groups not being involved, for various reasons. How do you ensure that design is inclusive? With, among others, a project carried by a consortium of knowledge institutions and creative industry; Active Inclusive Design.

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