TU Delft

UPPS Fieldlab 2 - research projects

This is a continuation of the Fieldlab UPPS.

Since 2017, Fieldlab UPPS has been developing an environment for exploratory design projects in which SMEs collaborate with TU Delft in the design and production of Ultra Personalized Products and Services (UPPS), in order to contribute to the knowledge and workflow around UPPS. 9 small (±20K) projects have been realized and knowledge has been shared during Meet UPPS, in education programs (BEP, graduation projects) and on the UPPS and CLICKNL website.

The projects cover a wide range of topics and domains in fashion, sports and healthcare. To get more projects in healthcare and safety and to cover areas where we still lack knowledge, such as 3D printing/production of UPPS and testing of UPPS with users the Fieldlab activities will be continued and 3-5 more medium to large projects with FMEs acquire.

There will be €60,000 as PPP program allowance.