Wellbeing for all, by all

Twente is a region with two faces: on the one hand, the University of Twente offers fertile business and innovation opportunities, on the other hand, unemployment rates and poor health indicators demand immediate attention, especially in certain districts of Enschede. The main goal of this project is to strengthen the approach of 'Supporter van Elkaar (SvE)', a local programme initiated by 'Scoring in the Neighborhood Foundation' of football club (FC) Twente.

To this end, the researchers propose a community-based approach to behaviour change that integrates dilemma-driven design and participatory design.

Through a series of participatory design sessions, families of low socioeconomic status are empowered to jointly identify and address personal dilemmas they experience regarding their health, social participation and well-being goals. Embedding these design approaches in a community context further contributes to SvE effectiveness, as the design process generates a sense of collective ownership and responsibility.

This new approach to collaborative behaviour change will apply to similar community initiatives outside the region, will be implemented in design education at the University of Twente and will enrich CLICKNL's human empowerment agenda.

Project budget €17,333, where €13,333 PPP allowance is used.

Looking for more information? Contact the principal investigator Deger Ozkaramanli, d.ozkaramanli@tudelft.nl