The Urban Fringe Lab

The urban fringe lab investigates how built-up urban fringes can be (re)programmed. The focus here is not so much on real estate and urban values, but rather on the way in which the strength of the surrounding landscape can strengthen the urban fringes in a spatial and social sense. New typologies are being developed for the edges of Amsterdam in collaboration with all those involved.

Together with the municipality of Amsterdam, seven research locations have been selected for research by design. For the design study, BNA Research calls on seven multidisciplinary design teams – one for each research location. The teams consist of at least an architect, an urban planner or landscape architect and two other disciplines (ecologists, urban geographers, artists, etc.), which are relevant for working on the specific location-related research question.

The knowledge partners contribute both knowledge and issues from ongoing research, and are involved in lectures, as visiting critics during the presentations and as a sounding board. In addition, the results of the project are interpreted by the knowledge partners and can also be included in the existing and new research lines of the knowledge institutions.

Project budget €185,600, with €56,000 PPS allowance being used.

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