This project is at the intersection of visual studies, journalism studies, production studies, digital humanities and media studies, exploring the potential and challenges of audiovisual collections and AV data in journalism. Finding and seeking sources, their interpretation and the construction of stories in the new audiovisual production is crucial in journalistic practice. In this project, this search (inventory2 and selection) and interpretation of (re)use of sources is linked to the theoretical framework of framing and iconisation.

RE-FRAME investigates the journalistic practice of using audiovisual data and digital tools in audiovisual journalistic productions. The central research question is how in the digital age sources and specific AV material are (re)used in journalistic productions and what role they play in iconisation and framing in audiovisual journalism.

We examine how the (re)use of digital audiovisual data, digital tools and new technologies can contribute to more diversity and less dominant frames in the media.

Project budget €275,770, where €154,970 PPS surcharge is used.

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