Nutricia Protein

This project is an addition (sub-project) to the project proposal “Accelerating the transition to plant-based proteins” within the programme “Transitions and Behaviour” that has already been approved by NWO. With the PPS allowance obtained, TU Delft is launching a fourth sub-project that will contribute to the other three sub-projects. The aim is that this subproject not only uses the results from the three other subprojects, but in turn also provides them with innovative frames, design directions.

The design research in this programme will deepen the understanding of the role of reframing in transition design processes. By systematically looking at the impact of different types of frames on different aspects of the innovation process, the proposed research will show what frames can achieve and as such contribute to more evidence-based design methods and interventions.

For the frame creation part of this study, the researchers will apply a comparative type of design study in which different design methods be tested sequentially. The implications of each method will be assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively, and will include both process (eg, “The frame stimulated my creativity”) and outcome measures (eg, originality of the behavioural intervention).

Project budget €476,400, whereby €80,000 PPS allowance is used.

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