Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality (MR) is a frequently recurring term in technology blogs and among trend watchers. It has been receiving a lot of attention since 2008. Initially because of the promises, but now the technology has matured and concrete applications are emerging, especially in the entertainment sector, retail, healthcare and industry.

Mixed Reality
MR mixes the real world with a virtual one. Both are integrated into the technology and experienced as a whole. A user can interact with MR itself in this reality. This creates opportunities for storytelling and enables new forms of audience participation.

Waag and partners investigate new knowledge about and strategies for developing MR and qualitative MR experiences. The focus is on the heritage sector, which, under pressure from a changing social climate, has to look for inclusive, personal and layered ways to create public experiences and meanings.

Project budget €115,708, where €104,718 PPS surcharge is used.

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