Fieldlab BK-labs

This project is a continuation and expansion of the Fieldlab Architecture (VRDML) of TU Delft. Various labs will be clustered in this field lab and will work together.

BK-Labs so far includes:

  • VR Lab
  • Heritage & Technology Lab
  • LAMA
  • Robotic Building Lab
  • Urban Ecology and Ecocities Lab (UECL)
  • SenseLab
  • MATElab

Various collaboration projects with industry and design agencies will take place within BK-labs. The aim is to forge crossovers between these labs in the diversity of the labs. Part of the budget will be used for a transversal project in which reflection takes place and methodical lessons are collected.

Project budget €400,000, whereby €200,000 PPS surcharge is used.

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