AI for Society


From a social and democratic perspective, there are currently insufficient tools for a positive discussion about the application areas of AI. Not the technology itself, but development and the present power structures give cause to be gloomy. This is the reason for Waag to set up research into AI that makes room for positive, socially valuable scenarios, through the AI for Society research project.

Waag investigates connections between academia and application domains with a view to opening up new tools and procedures for creative professionals and involved citizens. This way, Waag wants to contribute to a safe, humane and democratic implementation of AI in which the interests of citizens in all their facets (user of market and government services, local resident, volunteer, patient, etc.) are central.

For this project, Waag Society is collaborating with research institute Sandberg Instituut and the company Offcourse Studio.

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Project budget approx. €201,000, with a €175,355 PPS surcharge being used.

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