University Utrecht

HUPLAN human being central

This project is a public-private partnership investigating how digital twins are used to achieve better system & process design for rostering and scheduling challenges for rail staff.

Optimization is "doing more with less" and helps us make better use of our scarce time and resources, such as infrastructure and energy. This yields efficient solutions, but unfortunately, in doing so, people as part of the system, process and digital design are often forgotten, not sufficiently included in their development, or their implications on people are underestimated. The proposal is to look at an integral approach to scheduling and planning, from a digital twin. This involves the various people in the system & process design from the first moment. This approach has a human touch: it will be based partly on the technical system & process design and partly on the digital human-centered design. First, the factors that determine the extent to which people perceive their task planning or schedule as positive or negative are identified. Then a digital design is made that on the one hand meets as many preferences as possible and on the other hand is based on a solid system & process design. The schedule of requirements will distinguish between really hard requirements and lighter preferences. The research is focused on service planning and personnel scheduling at NS, and expects to gain more general insights. The same goes for the creative industry. It is quite possible that it is even more important for the creative industry than for other industries, since within the creative industry people are more central than in several other industries, and a good experience is certainly as important as in other professions.

There will be €64,000 as a PPP program supplement.