Maastricht University

FieldLAB – Lead and Deal with Stress

The FieldLAb Deal and Lead with stress studies stress of crisis leaders during large-scale crisis scenarios. Crisis leaders have a substantial responsibility to their team and operate in a context where the stakes are high. This means high and recurring exposure to stress is a non-negotiable given for these leaders. The study employs innovative, interactive wearables and smart textiles to collect the stress response. At the same time, psychometric and qualitative data is also collected to cross-validate the physiological data to better understand the stress process and need for feedback.

In a general sense, the collected data is used to inform and provide crisis leaders with biofeedback, so they learn what situation-specific actions they can take and how to handle stress in the demanding context of a crisis. Ultimately, the FieldLAB will develop a prototype of this biofeedback tool.

€177,124 will be used as a PPP programme allowance.