The Agenda Ontwerpkracht (The Power of Design Agenda) describes what knowledge is needed to strengthen and better utilize the power of design for societal challenges. By strengthening design power, we mean developing the right knowledge, skills and mindset. By better use of design power, we mean that design power is deployed at optimal moments and in the optimal way in the process. What is needed for this you can read in the agenda.

At a time when broad prosperity cannot be taken for granted and major changes are needed to meet societal challenges, smart interventions and applications are indispensable. But innovations only lead to impact when they are actually used. This requires the power of design; the specialty of the creative industry.

The power of design - The ability that design provides to develop appropriate interventions. This capability arises through the use of an effective mix of specific knowledge and methods, skills and mindset.

The agenda serves a variety of audiences with different functions:

  • Researchers read in the agenda what knowledge about (the application of) design power is needed so they can provide it through their (applied) research.
  • For creative professionals and creative businesses: inspiration for developing knowledge, innovations, projects and collaborations.
  • It offers funders and initiators of projects and programs direction and inspiration for their programming.
  • Educations can find starting points for the (further) development of their curricula.
  • For the Top Sector Creative Industry and CLICKNL it serves as a strategic framework for its programming.
  • CLICKNL uses it as an assessment framework for knowledge and innovation projects funded under its responsibility.

In short, the Agenda Ontwerpkracht (The Power of Design Agenda) provides a valuable guide for everyone involved in the creative industry, in order to collectively strengthen and better utilize the power of design.

Download the latest version of the Agenda Ontwerpkracht (The Power of Design Agenda).

Old versions of the Creative Industry (Knowledge and Innovation) Agendas can be found at this page.


CLICKNL and the Creative Industry Top Sector are responsible for three related agendas: the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Mission-Driven Innovation (KIA MV), the Research Agenda Key Enabling Methodologies (the KEM agenda) and the Agenda Ontwerpkracht (about the power of design). These agendas contribute to:

  • developing interventions for societal challenges;
  • strengthening the knowledge base of creative professionals and researchers;
  • the economic position of the creative industry.

The KIA MV forms the foundation, while the other two agendas provide more specific interpretation. The new KEM agenda (2024 - 2027) is under development.

  • KIA MV

    When knowledge and innovation contribute to realising societal and economic impact, we speak of the Dutch term MV. KIA MV collects, improves, develops, tests and disseminates methodologies, models and methods that contribute to accelerating transitions. The tools and experiences offer changemakers tools for organizing, guiding and implementing mission-driven innovation. The emphasis here is on regional cooperation between government, business, knowledge institutions, interest groups and citizens; the innovation ecosystems.

  • KEMS poging 3

Credits main image: Nathan Reinds