programme | public private partnerships

PPS grant

TKI CLICKNL has been set up with the aim of strengthening public private partnerships in research and innovation in the Creative Industry. This includes, amongst others, inviting those interested to apply for a so-called PPS grant. TKI CLICKNL can apply for a PPS project grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to help finance public private research projects. The PPS can lead to a grant of 30% above the private contributions for each research project.

Fiscal programme | research & development


Are you an entrepreneur in the creative industry who carries out research or development projects? And do you want to lower your R&D costs? Then maybe you can use the R&D tax credit programme WBSO. With the WBSO, companies can lower the wage costs for R&D and other R&D costs and expenditures, such as prototypes or research equipment. You can deduct the tax benefit in your tax return to the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration. You can apply for the WBSO almost year round.

Programme | Supports partnerships

NWO: Creative industry - KIEM

The Creative Industry – KIEM program is aimed at funding short-term fundamental and industrial research. Researchers are invited to apply for funding on behalf of a consortium. KIEM aims to establish partnerships between knowledge institutes and private parties, including the stimulation of small and medium-sized businesses. This call for proposals is open from the date of publication until Thursday, 7 November, 2019, 14.00 o’clock CET or until the available resources have been exhausted. There will be five assessment moments in 2019.

Call | Behavioural change in the context of transitions

NWO: Transitions and Behaviour

As a society, we face a large number of challenges in areas such as mobility, climate change, healthcare and sustainable energy. The NWO call Transitions and Behaviour focuses specifically on research into behaviour and behavioural change that makes transitions possible and accelerates these. Een interesting call with a lot of possibilities for researchers in the creative industry. Deadline compulsory pre-proposals: before 23 April 2019, 14:00 hours CEST. Deadline full proposals: before 25 June 2019, 14:00 hours CEST.

Call | Learning in learning communities

NWO: Human Capital

Society and the labour market are transforming. Robotisation, automation and increasing flexibility are testing the adaptive abilities of individuals and society. Senior researchers employed at Dutch universities, universities of applied science and other knowledge institutions can together apply for funding for research into learning in learning communities in the context of Human Capital. The project consortium should also include partners from the field from the building engineering services sector and education. Deadline: Tuesday 7 May 2019, 14.00 hours CE(S)T.

Call | Impact on societal challenges

NWO: Crossover call

With the Crossover call, NWO funds research in public-private partnerships that is aimed at societal challenges and in which the research themes connect several top sectors. The call is also open for the creative industry. Broadly composed interdisciplinary consortia, consisting of researchers and public and private partners, can submit research proposals as a coherent project. Deadline Expression of Interest: 15 November 2018 & deadline submitting full proposals: 21 May 2019.

Call | Grip on Transitions and Resilience

NWO: Complexity and Creative Industry

Consortia of academic researchers, private partners e.g. businesses, governments and civil society organisations and public research institutes like TNO can request funding for innovative, transdisciplinary research into complex systems, to provide the creative professional with additional handles in developing solutions to persistent societal problems, which cannot be solved with conventional ways of governing or design. Deadline preregistration: 17 January 2019, 14.00 CE(S)T. Deadline full applications: 18 April 2019, 14.00 CE(S)T.

Call | fundamental and applied cybersecurity research


This call opens the way for fundamental and applied cybersecurity research to be undertaken within the context of a single project. Each proposal requires the formation of a consortium involving at least one accredited knowledge institute and at least one non-academic private co-financier. Deadline submission (mandatory) pre-proposals: 24 January 2019, 14:00 CE(S)T. Deadline submission full proposals: 16 April 2019, 14:00 CE(S)T.

Call | Smart Urban Regions of the Future


Proposals can be submitted for Smart Urban Regions of the Future (SURF) Pop Up. The call is for small projects in the field of knowledge and innovation of cities and urban landscapes. Researchers are invited to apply for funding on behalf of a consortium for short-term projects. Submissions on 'Living in the urban landscape' and 'Enonomy'are especially appreciated. The deadline is 4 April 2019.

Call | For enterprising researchers

NWO: Take-off for starters

Take-off is a programme for the stimulation and support of activity and entrepreneurship in the scientific community. Each year, there is a spring round and an autumn round which is open for starters. These open calls offer financing opportunities for entrepreneurial researchers at NWO-recognised research institutes, HBO institutions and researchers who make use of knowledge from TO2 institutions. Deadline declaration of intention: 5 February 2019, 14.00 C(E)ST. Deadline elaborated requests: 5 March 2019, 14.00 C(E)ST.

Call | Innovative solutions for stadium visitors

Fieldlab SAX: Change the Game Challenge

The first call form the Fieldlab Spectacular Arena Experiences (SAX) is now open. The Johan Cruijff ArenA is looking for innovative solutions to take the visitor experience to the next level. Work with the ArenA as equal partners in the sport and entertainment business to scale your solution in the stadium. Deadline: 22 March 2019.

Programme | supports knowledge networks


Graduate schools, entrepreneurs and public professionals can strengthen each other by working on innovations. Knowledge and innovation networks play a big part: networks of SME's, professionals, lectors, students, graduate schools, knowledge organisations and international partners. Innovation questions from the region form the induce RAAK projects. The first round has already closed. The first round this year closes 5 March 2019.

Programme | Discover your innovation's market opportunities

SIA: Take-off hbo

Your product could be the solution to a societal challenge. That is why you want to research how feasible your innovative idea is by mapping out the technological and economic opportunities. Taskforce for Applied Research SIA gives you that possibility by financing feasibility studies for your research-based idea. Students, teachers, researchers and lecturers from universities of applied sciences (UAS) can submit a proposal. Deadline: 2 April 2019, 14:00 CE(S)T.

Call | Festival driven innovation

SIA x Innofest: projects for living labs

Every festival is een temporary mini-society with challenges concerning energy, litter, logistics, water and food. Testing your prototype or experimenting at a festival from Innofest? SIA gvies you the opportunity! Researchers with the best ideas can apply for testing, prototyping, demo's and experimenting at a festival. Projects from applied universities must apply before 7 March 2019.

Call | Pioneers or Potentials

SIDN Fonds: innovative internet projects

Looking for funding for a groundbreaking internet project that align the objectives of SIDN Fund? Aplly for a Pioneers or a Potentials project. In addition to the open call, extra attention is still given to Responsible AI, the theme of the year in 2018. The deadline of this call 12 March 2019, 13.00h.

Call | Culture & Society

EC: the societal value of culture

Culture has been an important element of public policy for social, cultural and political cohesion and inclusion throughout European history. Although it is often seen today from the angle of economic value added, culture generates additional societal value in terms of well-being and by promoting identity and belonging, inclusiveness, tolerance and cohesion. Culture is also a source of creativity and innovation. The challenge is to develop new perspectives and improved methodologies for capturing the wider societal value of culture. Deadline: 14 March 2019.

Call | Innovative products or services

EC: Fast Track to Innovation

Fast Track to innovation (FTI) is a fully-bottom-up measure in Horizon 2020 promoting close-to-the-market innovation activities that is open to all types of participants. FTI aims to reduce the time from idea to market and to increase the participation in Horizon 2020 of industry, SMEs and first-time industry applicants. Proposals can be submitted at any time.

Call | Transport & Mobility

NWO: Sustainable Living Labs

The purpose of this call is to use the available funds to set up innovative living labs in which research will be carried out and experiments performed. It concerns so-called 'lighthouse projects', which are expected to be a combination of innovative fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research of a high level. Innovation in the transport and mobility system will be the main objective of every project. The deadline for submitting proposals is 19 February 2019, at 14:00 hours CE(S)T.