programme | public private partnerships

PPS grant

TKI CLICKNL has been set up with the aim of strengthening public private partnerships in research and innovation in the Creative Industry. This includes, amongst others, inviting those interested to apply for a so-called PPS grant. TKI CLICKNL can apply for a PPS project grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to help finance public private research projects. The PPS can lead to a grant of 30% above the private contributions for each research project.

programme | SME innovation stimulus


In 2019 also, the cabinet and the regions make money available for the SME Innovation Stimulus Region and Top Sectors MIT. Goal of the MIT is stimulating innovation in the small and medium-sized enterprises beyond the boundaries of regions. The MIT works with varying closing data for different components. Until 10 September 2019 you can apply for R&D-collaboration projects, for entrepreneurs who collaborate with other SME-entrepreneurs to develop or renew products, manufacturing processes or services.

Fiscal programme | research & development


Are you an entrepreneur in the creative industry who carries out research or development projects? And do you want to lower your R&D costs? Then maybe you can use the R&D tax credit programme WBSO. With the WBSO, companies can lower the wage costs for R&D and other R&D costs and expenditures, such as prototypes or research equipment. You can deduct the tax benefit in your tax return to the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration. You can apply for the WBSO almost year round.

Programme | Supports partnerships

NWO: Creative industry - KIEM

The Creative Industry – KIEM program is aimed at funding short-term fundamental and industrial research. Researchers are invited to apply for funding on behalf of a consortium. KIEM aims to establish partnerships between knowledge institutes and private parties, including the stimulation of small and medium-sized businesses. This call for proposals is open from the date of publication until Thursday, 7 November, 2019, 14.00 o’clock CET or until the available resources have been exhausted. There will be five assessment moments in 2019.

Programme | Exploratory research by universities of applied sciences with SMEs

SIA: Arrangement KIEM-circular economy

SIA’s new arrangement KIEM-circular economy (ce) offers an impulse for exploratory research by universities of applied sciences in cooperation with SMEs. The goal of the KIEM-ce arrangement is to encourage and set up new cooperations aimed at executing innovative project around the topic of the circular economy. The proposals are in line with the government-wide program ‘A circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050’. Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis until Thursday 26 November 2019 at the latest, 2 pm Dutch time. There will be several collection dates this year.

Regeling | Internetprojecten met maatschappelijke meerwaarde

Heb je een veelbelovend idee voor een internetproject met maatschappelijke meerwaarde? Een project dat bijdraagt aan een sterk internet met sterke gebruikers? En ben je op zoek naar financiering om je idee uit te werken naar een demo, pilot of experimenteel ontwerp? Je kunt hiervoor doorlopend een aanvraag indienen bij SIDN Fonds (aanvragen tot 10.000 euro), via de Pioniersregeling.

Tijdelijke regeling | Ontsluiten bestaand digitaal erfgoed

Ontwerpers, makers en erfgoedinstellingen kunnen gezamenlijk projecten indienen die digitaal erfgoed door middel van nieuwe toepassingen bij een (breed) publiek onder de aandacht brengen. De tijdelijke regeling is gericht op het ontsluiten van bestaand digitaal erfgoed. Makers, ontwerpers en studio's die voor een periode van maximaal 15 maanden een intensieve samenwerking aangaan met een erfgoedinstelling zoals een museum, archief of beeldbank kunnen een aanvraag indienen. Sluitingsdata: 5 september 2019 en 16 januari 2020.

Call | Strategies or tools that reinforce democracy

SIDN Fund: public values in a digital society

The increasing digitisation of society threatens the information position of individuals and thus the health of our democracies. With this call SIDN is encouraging organisations to put forward strategies and/or tools that: strengthen the agency of online news consumers and/or facilitate information provision to individuals. Deadline: 23 September 2019, 13h Dutch time.

Call | Human Capital

NWO: Future of Work

How can working in a concrete learning-work situation in the logistics sector be optimally designed? More specifically, how can a (existing, starting, or developing) Learning Community be designed or adapted to render work-based learning and innovation as a logical part of this? The new call 'Human Capital - Future of Work' wants to gather knowledge and new insights about these subjects. There is no pre-proposal phase. The deadline for submitting full proposals is Tuesday 10 September, 2019 at 14.00 hours CE(S)T.

Call | Societal aspects of the regional energy transition

NWO: regional energy transition

This call for proposals forms a unique collaboration that has arisen between the provinces of Groningen, North Brabant, Overijssel, Zeeland and South Holland, and the National Programme Regional Energy Strategy. The research agenda forms the basis for this call for proposals. The agenda consists of four themes, among which strategies for participation and communication in the regional energy transition. Deadline (compulsory) pre-proposals: before 14 May 2019 at 14.00 hours CE(S)T. Deadline full proposals: before 19 September 2019 at 14.00 hours CE(S)T.

Call | Innovative products or services

EC: Fast Track to Innovation

Fast Track to innovation (FTI) is a fully-bottom-up measure in Horizon 2020 promoting close-to-the-market innovation activities that is open to all types of participants. FTI aims to reduce the time from idea to market and to increase the participation in Horizon 2020 of industry, SMEs and first-time industry applicants. Proposals can be submitted at any time.