programme | public private partnerships

PPS grant

TKI CLICKNL has been set up with the aim of strengthening public private partnerships in research and innovation in the Creative Industry. This includes, amongst others, inviting those interested to apply for a so-called PPS grant. TKI CLICKNL can apply for a PPS project grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to help finance public private research projects. The PPS can lead to a grant of 30% above the private contributions for each research project.

Programme | Supports partnerships

NWO: Creative industry - KIEM

The Creative Industry – KIEM program is aimed at funding short-term fundamental and industrial research. Researchers are invited to apply for funding on behalf of a consortium. KIEM aims to establish partnerships between knowledge institutes and private parties, including the stimulation of small and medium-sized businesses. This call for proposals is open from the date of publication until Thursday, 7 November, 2019, 14.00 o’clock CET or until the available resources have been exhausted. There will be five assessment moments in 2018.

Call | Media research with Talpa Network

NWO: Creative Industry - flagship project

The NWO is putting forward a sandpit call for the Creative Industry to create a sample project for the industry. This first Flagship project will be developed with Talpa Network. This media research is directed at developing new data-driven proposals and strategies to serve consumers with relevant content. Deadline submitting resumees and motivation: 23 August 2018. Deadline submitting project application: 30 October 2018.

Call | 25 NWA-routes

NWO: Nationale research agenda

NWO has opened the first round of financing within the research program for the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA). The program stimulates broadly composed interdisciplinary consortia to submit research proposals that fit within one or several of the 25 NWA-routes. The research is aimed at the entire chain of fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research. The preliminary deadline for signing up is 11 September 2018.

Call | Impact on societal challenges

NWO: Crossover call

Consortia kunnen vanaf 14 september indienen voor de NWO Crossover call. Hiermee financiert NWO onderzoek in publiek-private samenwerking (PPS) dat gericht is op het bereiken van grote impact op maatschappelijke uitdagingen. Uitgangspunt is daarbij dat de onderzoeksthema's meerdere topsectoren verbinden. Ook de creatieve industrie mag meedoen met deze call. Deadline Expression of Interest: 15 november 2018 & deadline uitgewerkte aanvraag: 21 mei 2019.

Call | Vroege opsporing en preventie van hart- en vaatziekten

Interdisciplinaire consortia van wetenschappers en publieke/private partijen kunnen financiering aanvragen voor onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van big data ten behoeve van de opsporing en preventie van hart- en vaatziekten. Deze call is ook interessant voor onderzoekers uit de creatieve industrie! De sluitingsdatum voor het indienen van vooraanmeldingen (verplicht) is 1 oktober 2018, om 14.00 uur. De deadline voor het indienen van uitgewerkte aanvragen is 8 januari 2019, om 14.00 uur.

Call | Smart Urban Regions of the Future


Proposals can be submitted for Smart Urban Regions of the Future (SURF) Pop Up. The call is for small projects in the field of knowledge and innovation of cities and urban landscapes. Researchers are invited to apply for funding on behalf of a consortium for short-term projects. Submissions on 'Living in the urban landscape' and 'Enonomy'are especially appreciated. The deadline is 27 September, 2018, 14h.

Programme | supports knowledge networks


Graduate schools, entrepreneurs and public professionals can strengthen each other by working on innovations. Knowledge and innovation networks play a big part: networks of SME's, professionals, lectors, students, graduate schools, knowledge organisations and international partners. Innovation questions from the region form the induce RAAK projects. The first round has already closed. The second round opened 17 July and closes 9 October 2018.

Regulation | Strengthens practice-oriented research


RAAK-PRO promotes the quality of practice-oriented research at universities of applied sciences and strengthens the research capacity of lectorates. Guided by the demand from the professional practice, systemic research is conducted. Submitting a letter of intent is mandatory and has to be done before 2 October 2018, 14h. The deadline of the final RAAK-PRO-application is 11 December 2018, 14h.

Voor deze ronde is het indienen van een intentieverklaring verplicht. Dit kan tussen dinsdag 17 juli en dinsdag 2 oktober 2018, tot uiterlijk 14.00 uur. De definitieve RAAK-PRO-aanvragen moeten uiterlijk op dinsdag 11 december 2018 om 14.00 uur ingediend zijn.

Call | Onderzoek naar marktkansen van innovaties

Jouw product kan de oplossing zijn voor een maatschappelijke uitdaging. Je wilt daarom de haalbaarheid van je innovatieve idee onderzoeken door de technische en economische kansen en risico’s in kaart te brengen. Regieorgaan SIA geeft je die mogelijkheid door haalbaarheidsstudies te financieren voor jouw idee dat voortkomt uit onderzoek. De call is bedoeld voor studenten, docenten, onderzoekers en lectoren van hogescholen die de haalbaarheid van een innovatief idee willen onderzoeken. Je kunt je aanvraag indienen tot uiterlijk 4 oktober 2018, 14.00 uur.

Call | Open call & Responsible AI

SIDN Fund: innovative internet projects

Looking for funding for a groundbreaking internet project with social value? The SIDN Fund call is now open! In addition to the open call (for all applications that align with the fund’s objectives), extra attention will be given to Responsible AI. Internet projects that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to realize positive social impact without losing sight of the human dimension are explicitly invited to apply. The call closes on 17 September 2018, 13h.

Call | Design-driven products in fashion and lifestyle

Worth: partnership project

WORTH Partnership Project, an initiative of the European Union, supports collaborations between SMEs and start-up designers, manufacturers and technology firms to create innovative and design-driven products and ideas. The project supports collaboration between fashion designers, traditional and digital craftsmanship and the manufacturing industry. The second call for applications opened 17th of April and will be ongoing until 24th of October 2018.

Call | Innovative products or services

EC: Fast Track to Innovation

Fast Track to innovation (FTI) is a fully-bottom-up measure in Horizon 2020 promoting close-to-the-market innovation activities that is open to all types of participants. FTI aims to reduce the time from idea to market and to increase the participation in Horizon 2020 of industry, SMEs and first-time industry applicants. Proposals can be submitted at any time.