Advantages for public / private collaborations

PPP grant

To stimulate public-private partnerships, we -together with RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland)- make funding available. We deploy the PPP grant 'Research and Innovation' for this purpose. For a research project, a surcharge of up to 30% on private contributions can be obtained.

Within this PPP surcharge arrangement, we distinguish between PPP program surcharge and PPP project surcharge. For both: there must be a private contribution* to the project. This can be in-kind and/or in cash. PPP program allowance can be used for PPP research projects, networking activities or innovation brokers. PPP project surcharge can only be used for PPP research projects.

A research project within the PPP surcharge scheme must adhere to some rules and conditions. The main conditions are:

  • There must be a signed cooperation agreement;
  • The project has at least two participants including a research organization and an entrepreneur who carry out the research project for joint account and risk;
  • The project consists of fundamental research, industrial research, experimental development or a combination thereof;
  • The projects contribute to the Dutch knowledge infrastructure (thus contract research in principle falls outside the subsidy scheme).

Discover all conditions and rules here.

  • Private contribution can come from BVs, NVs, partnerships, SMEs and sole proprietorships. However, a foundation that has at least 70% private funding can also qualify as 'private'. Contributions from foundations with ANBI status are also considered private.

PPP program allowance

CLICKNL applies annually - mid-May - for a PPP program grant from RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). We base the requested amount on a list of PPP research projects carried out in the past year, and their costs. Of course, these projects all comply - in part - with previously mentioned conditions and rules.

We inventory this list of research projects with the help of partner organizations carrying out the projects. The PPP program grant that is then approved and paid out by RFO is then made available again to these partner organizations. They must use these funds for new PPP research projects (with a duration of up to 5 years).

In addition, the PPP program grant can be used for networking activities and innovation brokers.

Good to know: the PPP program grant is currently being revised by RVO. This means that it is possible that some of the information as shown on this webpage will no longer be applicable next year (2024). Should this be the case, we will inform you in a timely manner.