Internet projectes with social value

Continuous call SIDN Fund for pioneers

Attention internet pioneers! Do you have a promising idea for an internet project with social value? A project that contributes to a strong internet with strong users? And are you looking for funding to develop your idea into a demo, pilot or experimental design? Starting now, you can continuously submit an application (applications up to 10,000 euros) to SIDN Fonds. Pioneer requests are no longer linked to calls or deadlines. This means that you can submit an application at any time and you will receive a response within 6 weeks.

Pioneer projects form the testing ground of the SIDN fund, in which strong initiatives are converted into a proof of concept, demo, pilot or experimental design. In addition, anyone can apply. Not only organisations, but also young innovators and individuals.

Valerie Frissen (director of the SIDN fund): “The Pioneers give us a good idea of the themes that are at play. We also know that there is little funding available for room for experimentation when it comes to initiatives at the intersection of technology and society. By financing early ideas, SIDN fund clearly distinguishes itself from other tech-oriented financiers and we create our own innovative community. ”

Because SIDN Fonds wants Pioneers to be able to get started as the idea develops, it is now possible to submit a Pioneers application at any time. Another change is the duration of a Pioneer project, which has been reduced to six months.

For more information, visit the SIDN Fund website.