ThingsCon Amsterdam - movie and 2018

Time flies! ThingsCon Amsterdam is already two weeks ago - time to watch the aftermovie:

ThingsCon Amsterdam 2017 after movie from ThingsConAMS on Vimeo.

And even better: we got information on ThingsCon 2018!

What are our plans for 2018?
First of all, we are happy to welcome a new member to the team: Dries De Roeck. He has been involved with ThingsCon for a long time, as speaker, workshop host, and organiser in Berlin, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Recently he was appointed as one of the ThingsCon Fellows. Read more about his background here.

For 2018 we have some ideas, but we want to find out if you want to work with us to realise them. These four ideas came out of the event.

  • In his talk, Rob Kranenburg brought up the work done at a European level on the next generation internet. We honestly feel that the ThingsCon community should get involved. Who wants to help writing a proposal, and who wants to get involved as an expert?
  • For the first time, the event brought together students for a challenge and an award, with the ThingsCon Fellows as the judges. We’d love to build on this and develop a program on responsible design together with educators. Who wants to get involved? Who should we involve?
  • The IoT Mark developed by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and her team needs your involvement and promotion to industry and designers. How can we help?
  • Producing IoT devices in China is a challenge for many designers. We feel we could help by connecting makers with experience in China with those who are new to this. And some of you might be interested in visiting Shenzhen together. Is this something that sounds relevant?

And those are just a few ideas. In 2018 we will again run a series of ThingsCon Salons for sure. Topics we are thinking of include IoT and food, IoT and sports, the Internet of Eyes (computer vision), more on Blockchain and IoT, as well as more on IoT and GDPR. And together with our new ThingsConAMS team member, Dries De Roeck, we’re looking into a ThingsCon Comedy ‘Sal00n’ in Antwerp.

(Do you want to get involved? Remember, for every Salon we need a partner to cover venue, drinks, and so on. And we'd love to find partners to support the whole series!).

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