KIC Societal Earning Capacity

Innovation is essential for a vibrant economy that also tackles societal challenges. When innovation contributes to the accelerated resolution of major social challenges and the development of economic earning capacity, we speak of societal earning capacity. A precondition for this is the right context, a system in which these innovations can be accelerated and scaled up, for example from the region to the national level. These themes come together in this KIC call on mission-driven innovation systems.

Purpose of the call
Societal earning capacity plays a central role for the success of innovations. But before this can be realised, more insight into mission-driven innovation systems is needed.
The aim of the call 'Mission-driven innovation systems in a regional context – a knowledge base for societal earning capacity', is to gain more insight into the operation of mission-driven innovation systems. The central question is to understand, substantiate and optimise these better.

Mission-driven innovation requires the (further) development of, among other things, revenue models, new forms of cooperation and behavioural change, innovation methodologies, governance and financing models and policy, regardless of which social challenges are addressed.

Connection with the creative industries
The call is relevant for everyone who is involved in one way or another in setting up and organising innovation systems, but also for those who focus on the realisation and acceptance of the intended innovations. These are core activities of the creative industries, with its expertise in involving and organising the field to stakeholders and in particular the (end) user and citizen. The design, iterative approach and working in experimental environments as field labs are interesting components.

A number of categories of Key Enabling Methodologies can be further developed through this call:
Behaviour and Empowerment
Institutional change
System change
Monitoring and Effect measurement
Value creation and upscaling
Participation and Co-creation
Experimental environment

More information
Deadline Pre-registration: 17 June, 2021.
On 13 April 2021, 13.30 to 16.30, is the online matchmaking for this call.

More information about this call via the NWO website