KIC - Security

KIC Data and Intelligence

Security professionals need to have access to timely, accurate and targeted information to do their job. This information is essential in the fight against complex subversive crime, to support the criminal justice system and forensic investigations, to carry out the work of the intelligence services and the Ministry of Defence, and to coordinate the response to disasters. In short, information is indispensable for public and national security in a constantly changing society and geopolitical climate.

Purpose and objectives
The Data and Intelligence programme aims to contribute to better and more usable intelligence products that meet the needs of intelligence and security professionals during operational, tactical and strategic assignments. The data that is collected, shared and analysed will enable these professionals to prevent incidents or respond to them, correctly assess security and emergency situations, and recommend appropriate interventions.

Connection with the creative industries
The creative industries has methods that can integrate the different perspectives required to arrive at supported solutions that meet the needs of the professional and society. By putting these perspectives first, the creative industries develop new dialogues between the professionals involved, human decision-makers and data analysis algorithms.

In addition, the creative industries can develop intelligence products that present complex data and results in such a way that the specialist can do his work better and better.

A number of Key Enabling Methodologies can be further developed or validated via this call:

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Deadline pre-registration: 27 May 2021
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