KIC 2020-2023

NWO has developed a number of large thematic calls for the period 2020-2023. The topics are determined on the basis of prioritised topics from the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs) mission-driven innovation established by the top sectors.

For whom
Researchers (Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities) can submit a proposal for collaborative projects with a budget of 750,000 euros to 4 million euros per proposal. Co-financing of projects by private and public parties is mandatory and consists of a cash and in-kind contribution from the partners. The exact submission conditions and deadlines differ per call and can be found on the NWO website.

The creative industries and social challenges
The creative industries is able to develop solutions and interventions for the societal challenges that emerge in the various calls. There is already a broad knowledge base for this.

But the creative industries also need new knowledge. For example in the form of new methods, tools and technologies. We have described this in the roadmaps and the research agenda Key methodologies (KEM agenda). It is interesting for creative companies to participate in research that responds to these needs.

As a researcher, are you interested in such a collaboration or do you have specific knowledge questions about our agenda? CLICKNL can advise on this.

The Calls

KIC - Kennis- en Innovatieconvenant

KIC - Kennis- en Innovatieconvenant
Every year, NWO makes more than 100 million euros available for fundamental and practice-oriented research, carried out by scientists in collaboration with companies. NWO's financial contribution is laid down in the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023, in which knowledge institutions, the business community, governments and other public parties jointly invest in innovation.

You'll find more information on the NWO website.

In November, NWO is organising a number of online matchmaking meetings for the mission-driven programs of the KIC. More information!