• Below, you will find an overview of the schemes and calls that are currently relevant for creative professionals and enterprising researchers. You will also find opportunities for collaboration and answers to your innovation questions.


Programmes | collaboration | knowledge questions


Innovation brokers

For entrepreneurs | Continuous

An innovation broker can contribute ideas to SMEs who want to innovate within the mission-driven top sectors and innovation policy. They can contribute ideas about, for example, the process, the content, the network and the financing of projects. They do this by organising innovation sessions, by 1-on-1 guidance or by guiding you through a validation process.

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Connection between entrepreneurs and researchers


For entrepreneurs & researchers | Continuous

GoCI accelerates innovation in the creative industries. As a creative professional, do you want to know more about knowledge-driven research and development into opportunities for innovation, do you have an innovation need or are you looking for partners? Or are you as a researcher looking for SMEs in the creative industries to do research with? GoCI can help.

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Collaboration | knowledge questions | systematic solutions


For entrepreneurs | Continuous

Are you an investigative entrepreneur in the creative industry? Do you have a good idea, but are you looking for partners, knowledge or systematic solutions? Do you want to start a project on a major social challenge, but are you running up against barriers? CLICKNL offers entrepreneurs in the creative industry the stage!

programme | public private partnerships

PPS grant

For researchers & entrepreneurs | Continuous

TKI CLICKNL has been set up with the aim of strengthening public private partnerships in research and innovation in the Creative Industry. This includes, amongst others, inviting those interested to apply for a so-called PPS grant. TKI CLICKNL can apply for a PPS project grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to help finance public private research projects. The PPS can lead to a grant of 30% above the private contributions for each research project.

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Continuous call | Internet projects with social value

SIDN Fund: Continuous call pioneers

For entrepreneurs | Continuous

Do you have a promising idea for an internet project with social value? A project that contributes to a strong internet with strong users? And are you looking for funding to develop your idea into a demo, pilot or experimental design? Starting now, you can continuously submit an application (applications up to 10,000 euros) to SIDN Fonds.

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Fiscal programme | research & development


For entrepreneurs | Continuous

Are you an entrepreneur in the creative industry who carries out research or development projects? And do you want to lower your R&D costs? Then maybe you can use the R&D tax credit programme WBSO. With the WBSO, companies can lower the wage costs for R&D and other R&D costs and expenditures, such as prototypes or research equipment. You can deduct the tax benefit in your tax return to the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration.

Temporary Calls


Pilot Proposals Coalition for Technology and Inclusion

For entrepreneurs and researchers | Deadline: 24 September, 2021

The Coalition for Technology and Inclusion (CTI) challenges parties to submit proposals for pilots in which technology is used to improve the ability of people with an occupational disability to (continue to) work. Employers, technology developers, educational institutions, people with disabilities and their supporters can now submit a joint proposal for a pilot.

KIC Vraaggedreven Partnerschappen voor Consortia 0

KIC Demand-driven Partnerships for Consortia

For researchers | Deadline preliminary application: 28 September 2021

Within Demand-driven Partnerships for Consortia, new or existing consortia can organise, develop and grow to a size of which impact can be expected. This financing instrument also offers a place to consortia that want to develop into strategic long-term programmes in the future. Subjects that qualify have social (including economic) impact and require an approach with focus and mass.

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Future-proof rural area #1

For entrepreneurs & researchers | Deadline: 30 September, 2021

This call is aimed at innovators who want to collaborate in an investigative way with local and regional partners on opportunities and solutions to strengthen the vitality of cities and villages towards the future. These vouchers are intended to finance the costs of research by design into a concrete case or design question, with specific attention also being paid to the way in which collaboration takes place and results and insights are shared.

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Scheme Experiment

For entrepreneurs | Deadline: 30 September, 2021

The second period of the Experiment Regulation runs until 30 September 2021 and has a subsidy ceiling of € 250,000. An additional third period will open in the fourth quarter of 2021. With the Experiment Regulation, the Creative Industries Fund NL supports small-scale, experiment-driven research projects in the field of design, architecture, digital culture and all possible crossovers.

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Circular Chain Projects

For entrepreneurs | Deadline: 30 September, 2021

Would you like to design a circular product or service together with other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? Or organise your processes or business model in a circular manner? And do you want help from an experienced process supervisor? The Circular Chain Projects subsidy can support this.

Opencall KIEM Sport

KIEM Sports

For researchers | Deadline: 5 October, 2021

With KIEM Sport, Taskforce for Applied Research SIA encourages collaborations for evaluative research between colleges of higher education or universities and, for example, policy officials from municipalities responsible for sports or public space. These partnerships will work on activities in the field of (practice-oriented) research and innovation. This gives them insights into which measures lead to a more exercise-friendly outdoor space.


Food and greenery - thematic issues

For researchers | Deadline: 12 October, 2021

The green domain has many socially relevant and urgent issues. For example, how do we ensure climate-robust agriculture? How do we improve nature-inclusive behaviour of citizens? With the Thematic Issues scheme Taskforce for Applied Research SIA is calling on universities of applied sciences to conduct research within a number of established themes in the green domain.

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KIEM GoCI | Submission round 4

For entrepreneurs & researchers | Deadline: 30 november 2021

The KIEM GoCI scheme subsidises and facilitates one-year exploratory research and / or practice-oriented research. The aim of the scheme is to stimulate and set up new partnerships between SMEs and knowledge institutions.

NWA-beeld-Jeugd-en-Digitalisering Website NWA ZonMW 0

NWA - Youth and digitalisation

For researchers | Deadline: 14 December, 2021

This programme wants to contribute to a better and more integrated understanding of the impact of digitalisation on the well-being, welfare, identity and relationships, and (in)equality of opportunities of children and adolescents. In this programme, the impact of digitalisation will be considered from the perspective of different living environments and the complex interaction between various social contexts in which children and adolescents grow up.


Projects Fieldlab UPPS

For entrepreneurs | Deadline: 31 December, 2021

Fieldlab UPPS invites design-driven SMEs and creative professionals to submit project proposals for the design of Ultra Personalized Products & Services. In this third Call, a number of projects are again awarded funding. Fieldlab UPPS offers support from experts in the design of UPPS. And it is possible to experiment with facilities such as 3D / 4D scanners and printers.

NWA-beeld-Quantumtechnologie-en-maatschappij Website

NWA - The societal impact of quantum technology

For researchers | Deadline: 12 January, 2022

This thematic programme of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) is aimed at the ethical, legal and societal aspects of the influences that quantum technology will have on our society.


NWA -Urban Bridge and Quay Wall Innovations

For researchers | Deadline: 18 January, 2022

This call for proposals calls on knowledge institutions and other interested parties to develop research projects aimed at knowledge gaps related to the development of sustainable solutions for technical and process challenges related to the restoration, renewal and management of bridges and quay walls in a complex urban context.

NWA-beeld-Safe-by-design Website shutterstock 1470903836 0

NWA - Towards a practical Safe-by-Design approach for chemical products and processes

For researchers | Deadline: 18 January, 2022

This thematic programme of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) is aimed at the development and implementation of a practical Safe-by-Design approach for the design of chemical substances, materials, products and processes.

NWA-beeld-Jeugd-en-Criminaliteit Web 2

NWA - Getting a grip on juvenile crime

For researchers | Deadline: 20 January, 2022

Serious and organised crime is a social problem with huge consequences for society. Preventing adolescents from becoming involved in these types of criminality and developing a criminal career requires insight into the background of the people concerned, the entrance mechanisms and the effectiveness of interventions that play a role in this process.

transitie naar een circulaire en emissievrije bouw 0

NWA - Transition to a circular and emission-free building industry

For researchers | Deadline: 20 January, 2022

This thematic programme of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) focuses on realising breakthroughs and developing action perspectives that contribute to the transition of the construction sector, and to renovation projects in particular.

NWA-beeld-Alternatieven voor dierproeven-web credits Ivar Pel

NWA - Animal-free assessment models: acceptance and implementation

For researchers | Deadline: 17 February, 2022

This programme focuses on the acceptance and implementation of existing animal-free models in the safety assessment of substances for humans with associated legislation and regulations. Consortia contribute to this in a multidisciplinary, integrated manner.

More regulations & Calls

This is just a selection of all the available regulations & calls. Also have a look at Creative Industries Fund NL, SIDN fund, RVO, NWO, NPO Fund and Regieorgaan SIA.

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