Fieldlab | Game-onderzoek

Wereldwijd groeit de game-industrie enorm en games fungeren met hun vernieuwende technologie vaak als katalysator voor innovatie in diverse onderzoeksvelden. Om te zorgen dat ook de Nederlandse game-industrie hiervan profiteert en hierbij kan aanhaken, wil het DGA Gaming Fieldlab de verbinding tussen kennisinstellingen en game-bedrijven versterken, zodat bedrijven meer open staan voor onderzoek en onderzoekers meer oog hebben voor praktische vragen en problemen.

Fieldlab | Effenaar

Fieldlab Social Cohesion

The Fieldlab Social Cohesion, in the Effenaar pop venue in Eindhoven, houses research projects whose outcomes can contribute to the realization of more complex transitions. Within these projects it is about the function and deployment of social cohesion in transitions and the bringing about of change with the help of new technology, such as VR and AR.

Field lab | technology, co-creation and independence in elderly care

Sense of Home

What makes you feel at home? The people? Your own furniture? Freedom to eat what and when you want to? Sense of home is a complex concept that is interpreted differently by everyone. Nursing homes struggle daily with the interpretation of this concept. How do you ensure that older people, who are in need of care or who live in nursing homes, still feel at home?

Fieldlab | Johan Cruijff ArenA

Spectacular ArenA eXperiences

Innovative concepts that contribute to improving experience and engagement, new spectacular event formats and how the user and location/event-generated data can be utilized to make new services possible. Knowledge institutions, event organizers, location owners, technology companies and companies from the creative industry can do research, develop innovative concepts and conduct pilots in the field lab of the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Field lab | ultra personalized products en services


Ultra Personalised Products and Services are a direct result of the emergence of new technologies like 3D scanning, smart sensors, 3D printing and the Internet of things. UPPS uses these technologies to process the data in the product so that it is optimally matched to the user. Field Labs UPPS was set up to stimulate innovation by creating a Dutch manufacturing industry where personalised products can be manufactured on a large scale in the fields of sport, health and fashion. The second call is now open.

Fieldlab | Virtual reality design methods lab


The VRDML field lab (Virtual reality design methods lab) focusses on the use of virtual reality in the process of designing, modifying, and re-using new and existing buildings, city districts and landscapes. It offers the necessary space, equipment and staff support for selected small and medium enterprises (SME's) in architectural services industry to get acquainted with VR as a new technology. The projects that emerged from the first call are in development at this moment.

Field lab | Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Worlds

In the Virtual Worlds field lab creative professionals can work on industrial research with each other and together with researchers. Creative professionals can experiment there with new Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technology and design new applications with them. The projects that emerged from the second call in development at this moment.