Healthy aging, sustainable energy, economical use with care of nature and raw materials, a safe living environment, emission-free public transport and sufficient clean water... The creative industries has the responsibility to contribute to all of this. With societal missions coming up, this is the moment to showcase the design power of the sector! And with the opportunity we offer at CHARGE, we get a head start.

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The entire event CHARGE will be in Dutch
During CHARGE, on Thursday 13 June in the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht, we will give you the opportunity to be at the forefront in the coming years. We are going to work on the social themes, to gain experience. Less talk, more action. We inspire you, inform you, and offer you a wonderful opportunity.

With on four iconic examples on stage, we'll give you an introduction to the themes of the mission-driven innovation policy. Then we move on to the real opportunities: the Federatie Creatieve Industrie (Dutch Creative Industries Federation) will introduce you to a new project! Meet clients with social issues, and get the chance to register for a role within these impactful assignments. Creative companies, but also researchers, cultural companies and others, get the chance to register for the consortia within these projects that will run during the year.

Within the project, you, as a professional, not only work on a payed project bu also gain experience working together as a consortium on social issues, and working for various clients. In addition, clients are coached in their engagement with the creative and cultural sector. At the end of the ride, not only will you have gained indispensable experience, but as a sector we'll have wonderful examples of the value of the creative and cultural sector on major social issues!


13.00 Doors open

13:30 Welcome

14.00 Four speakers about their innovative projects

  • Security: Alex Tavasolli - Vergeet Mij Niet (Forget Me Not) | Enliven Media
  • Food: Chantal Engelen - Kromkommer
  • Energy & Sustainability: Jeffrey Braun - Smart Energy Cities | Department of Extraordinary Affairs
  • Health: Janne van Kollenburg - Data Enabled Design | Philips Design & Eindhoven University of Technology

15.30 New Project

  • Introduction
  • Meet potential assignments
  • Consortia formation

17.30 Drinks and registration


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The entire event CHARGE will be in Dutch

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