Public Stack

In this project, Waag distinguishes between services that are built on the basis of a Public and a Private Stack. When a citizen perspective is the starting point on which a service is built, we call it a Public Stack. This technology treats the citizen as a citizen and respects his/her civil rights (e.g. he/she is not nudged and has control over his/her own data). An application with a Private Stack is a Stack based on the interests and revenue model of a limited group, for example investors. The user of the service is not treated as a citizen and has insufficient control over what is done with his data and who earns from it.

The above is the reason for Waag, INFO and TU Delft to jointly investigate in this project whether and how the design process plays a role in the lack of attention or in guaranteeing civil rights. On the basis of the Public Stack, we therefore dive into the design process of services and investigate what implications the notion of the Public Stack has on the design process.

Project budget €45,648,- where €39,297,- PPS surcharge is used.

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