It only begins after the sale. In a circular economy you look beyond “ready tomorrow”: the value of a product is no longer in its production and sale. Around the life of a product, value can be created in many different ways for companies, users and environment. And those that focus on use, rather than consumption, and on cultivating value rather than selling, recognize new challenges and business opportunities.

New forms of value chains are indispensable, much like the partnership between the creative industry and the manufacturing industry, between business and design. The way CIRCO sees it, the development of new value starts with entrepreneurs, with design being the engine for producing circular products, services and business models.

Circular Business Design Tracks, Circular Design Classes, and a community: discover new opportunities for your company and kickstart circular business with a circular design approach. Learn the ins and outs of circular design, practice its application, explore which role you can play, and join in.

Who is CIRCO
CIRCO is a “movement,” fed by the growing community of entrepreneurs and companies from the manufacturing industry and the creative industry, researchers, policy makers and students, around creating business through circular design. The methodology of the CIRCO Tracks and Classes has been developed by the CIRCO core team and is executed in collaboration with the CIRCO Trainers Network and various branch and regional organizations. CIRCO is partner of the entrepreneurship network Netherlands Circular!.

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