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The creative industry is a driver of innovation. It delivers human-oriented solutions for societal challenges. To be able to continue to deliver that impact, CLICKNL, Top Consortium of the top sector Creative Industries, wants to enhance the creative professional's knowledge base. In doing so, we strengthen the sector and the innovative capacity of the Netherlands.

To that end, CLICKNL, together with experts from the creative industries and knowledge institutions, is drafting the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for the creative Industries. This agenda outlines what knowledge is needed to prepare the creative professional for the future and to which issues the professional can and must contribute.

Accordingly, different parties make resources available for research and innovation. CLICKNL itself also has the PPS grant at its disposal, which is used to fund, among others, field labs, for short-term industrial research.

Together with the research financer NWO and with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, CLICKNL is building inspiration projects. They illustrate why R&D in the creative industries is important for the economy and society. And together with other top sectors such as energy and health, CLICKNL is building large programmes. In doing so, CLICKNL focuses on fundamental and practice-oriented research and applications.

To share all knowledge, experience and inspiration, CLICKNL organises events such as the Design Research & Innovation festival DRIVE and, together with organisations in the sector, smaller events.

Would you like an overview of all activities and results? View the annual reports.

Bart squared

Bart Ahsmann

Bart Ahsmann is director of CLICKNL. Trained as an industrial designer at TU Delft, everything is a design problem for him. Bart's expertise lies in initiating research and innovation in collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions, governments and social organisations. He has experience as a designer and in innovation in SMEs and research across the creative industry.

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Project Manager Community

Marjolein van Vucht

After several years of communication in the (sustainable) food world and working for CLICKNL and CIRCO, Marjolein has now taken the step towards connecting the creative industry to societal challenges, both at CLICKNL and the IDOLS * project. She has a penchant for innovation and design in the sector, and believes that good design can bring a lot to society - from sustainability and health to inclusivity.

Marcel squared

Marcel Mokveld

Marcel has an extensive background in the media sector of the creative industry. After completing his studies Technical Administration and Policy, Communication and Organisation, he worked at various organisations in the creative sector such as SKO, NPO, NLPO and the municipality of Hilversum. Within CLICKNL, he is responsible for the coordination of the various subsidy instruments for the top sector creative industry.

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programme manager knowledge & innovation

Linda Rindertsma

Linda is originally an industrial designer and, after diving into the business world, is now Programme Manager Knowledge & Innovation at CLICKNL. She is committed to making the goals of the KIA concrete in projects and programmes. Her focus this year is on realising a number of great flagship projects and matchmaking events and setting up and supporting the Programme Council.

Inge squared
office manager

Inge Toonders

From teaching French to high school students, to a manufacturing company that develops and produces UV water sterilisers, to a job as a content manager of a travel guide and on to an innovation consultancy. Ultimately, as office manager of the Creative Industry, she's able to experience the influence of this top sector on our daily lives and our economy. Surprising and challenging!

Project manager Innovation

Johanneke Minnema

Johanneke believes in the power of creativity to solve complex social issues. As project manager, she therefore likes to use the knowledge and experience of creatives. For CLICKNL, Johanneke contributes to innovation by highlighting relevant calls and schemes. She also participates in the GoCI program team.

Lars Brouwer
PPS grant adviser & coordinator

Lars Brouwer

Lars Brouwer is trained as a music technologist and has worked on the executive, policy and strategic side of projects and organizations in the cultural sector, creative industry and education sector. As a consultant and interim manager, he helps organizations to gain insight into the structuring of (business) processes. Lars previously worked for Flemish Culture House de Brakke Grond and FIBER, among others.

Dorien profielfoto tijdelijk
Project employee intelligence en monitoring

Dorien van Alpen

As an Industrial Designer, Dorien knows the value of the Creative Industry when it comes to solving societal challenges. After working in product development for a number of years, she is now monitoring all grant schemes, and is creating an inspirational KEM website.

Dominique Versteegen
Marketing & Communications manager

Dominique Versteegen

From project manager, to content marketer, to marketing & communications manager: Dominique has held various positions within the marketing & communications field. In recent years she has worked in the dynamic festival industry. For CLICKNL she takes care of both strategic MarCom topics and everyday MarCom activities.

Simone van Bennekom
Head of Program CreativeNL

Simone van Bennekom

Simone van Bennekom was trained as a business economist, specializing in the cultural creative industry (CCI). She conducts research and publishes on growth strategies in collaboration with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and also graduated from the Academy of Theater and Dance (dance school). As the head of CreativeNL's programme, she focuses on expanding the Creative Industry's international market.

Martijn Arnoldus
Frontman Key Enabling Methodologies

Martijn Arnoldus

Martijn has been working on strengthening the creative industry for more than twenty years. As a strategist, he builds various programmes, grant schemes and incentives, often with a special focus on financing issues. At CLICKNL, Martijn works as a quartermaster with the KEM agenda and works on a widely supported program around experimental environments.

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