5 Nederlandse Gouden iF Awards 2017 winnaars

De winnaars van de Gouden iF Awards zijn officieel bekendgemaakt. De categorie ‘product’ telt drie Nederlandse winnaars en in de categorie ‘Communication’ vielen twee Nederlandse ontwerpen in de prijzen. Hieronder vind je een overzicht van alle Nederlandse winnaars. Klik hier voor een overzicht van alle Gouden Awards winnaars.

Over de iF Awards

Sinds haar oprichting in 1953 heeft de iF Design Award een internationaal erkende reputatie op het gebied van design excellentie opgebouwd. Het winnen van een iF award kan het begin van designers carrière betekenen of deze naar een hoger niveau tillen. De jurering van meer dan zestig designexperts maken de iF Design Award een uniek marketing instrument, bijzonder evenement en meer dan dat.

Aanmelden voor de iF Design Award 2018 is al mogelijk.

NL Gouden Awards Winnaars 2017

> Product

1. Concept Speedbike – Royal Dutch Gazelle (categorie  sports / outdoor / bicycles )

The concept Gazelle Nº1, designed for the early adopters that like premium design and exclusive lifestyle products. Men and women around the age of 30 years and up, conscious about their health and environment, either driving or considering driving a Tesla or another E-car, interested in alternative mobility concepts. The concept Gazelle Nº1 biker is living a worldly, busy and social lifestyle balanced with attention to the good things in life. The Nº1 user demands swift time-saving transport, likes easy access and loves a smartphone. The Nº1 offers a mixture of speed, comfort, integration and connectivity in a sophisticated way, using contemporary Giugiaro Design.

2. Child Bike Seat – Thule Group / Van der Veer Designers (categorie babies / kids)

The lightweight rear-mounted Thule Yepp Nexxt child bike seat lets you and your child enjoy everyday bike rides together ˗ safely, easily and in style. Its unique design is inspired by modern bike helmets, resulting in a very lightweight and comfortable seat with a contemporary, sporty look. The Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi provides a stable and secure ride for your child, from baby until pre-school. Thanks to the padded and shock-absorbing seat materials, your child sits comfortably in the seat at all times. It comes with an innovative five-point safety harness with a smart magnetic safety buckle that snaps the harness into place. Available in five colors.

3. Medicine Pouch Scanner – Spark Design & Innovation (categorie medicine / health / care)

The ZiuZ Medical – IRIS is a reliable and high-precision medicine pouch scanner to check content quickly and safely. IRIS ensures that each medicine pouch contains exactly the right type and amount of medication and also stores a photo for later reference. The benefit is twofold: it drastically reduces the amount of time needed for manual inspection by pharmacy staff and prevents patients from taking the wrong medication. Due to its smart construction, it is more compact and more affordable, compared to its counterparts. It’s easy to clean, user-friendly and easy to maintain. This makes it a perfect match for the retail and hospital pharmacy.

> Communication

1. Poster serie Amsterdam Sinfonietta – Studio Dumbar (categorie corporate identity / branding)

An independent music ensemble, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, has an international reputation and a repertoire from baroque to contemporary music. Prompted by a desire to broaden their audience and refresh their public profile, the orchestra appointed Studio Dumbar to renew their visual identity. We created a modern identity driven by a bold logotype and typographic palette, consistent across all communications. The identity is free to evolve beyond that, with color palettes and illustrations reflecting the ensemble’s repertoire and the nuances of music in general. With each poster responding graphically to the performance’s musical theme.

2. Dayfinding App Tate Gallery  – Fabrique (categorie government / institutions)

How can you get the most out of a visit to Tate? With over 200 exhibitions and activities in four locations, wayfinding can be a challenge. So we proposed a “dayfinding” app. An app that asks “What do you feel like doing?” and easily takes you there. It gives you suggestions based on where you are and what’s happening right now. Beacons make it location and context aware. If you want to know more about art in the room around you, it’s one simple tap away. Exclusive audio from artists and curators enrich your encounter with art. Part of Bloomberg Connects: interactive digital projects that use technology to revolutionize the visitor experience.

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